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Gabriel Royal got his start as a busker on the New York City subway, but the Oklahoma-born, Brooklyn-based musician has emerged as trailblazing talent with inimitable style and enviable range. He’s performed at NYC’s top music venues, including Poisson Rouge and Blue Note Jazz Club; played to sold-out crowds in countries around the world; and collaborated with some of the industry’s most in-demand names, including the Beyoncé-endorsed music video director Blake Farber. Known for his soaring vocals, hum-along melodies, and lush arrangements, Royal, a classically trained musician, is among a select number of artists combining cello and voice.


“The cello is the most human of instruments,” says Royal. “And my music combines the expressive power of classical music with the lyricism of pop and singer-songwriter genres.”


In 2016, Royal released his first album, a self-titled project that he mostly wrote while performing underground. And despite the album’s humble beginnings, it established Royal as a singer-songwriter with extraordinary sensitivity and creative intuition. Contemplating themes of love and loss, triumph and failure, and the ups and downs of relationships, the album speaks to Royal’s emotional range—and his penchant for romance.


The theme of romantic love is also the backbone of Royal’s sophomore effort, Miss Once in a Blue Moon, which is scheduled for national release on September 7, 2018.


“I’m always thinking about love— what happened to me last year and what could happen to me tonight,” says Royal. “And my music has always been a vehicle for emotional discovery.”


But for all its tenderness, Miss Once in A Blue Moon is also a bold coming-out from an artist the Huffington Post once dubbed “Brooklyn’s best busker.” There are sweeping melodies, soulful ballads, and layered harmonies— plus, plenty of bright, toe-tapping numbers that you can’t help but sing along to.

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- First singles of his sophomore Album, Miss Once in a Blue Moon, are already available online: 


         Tough Love:


- First video from Brooklyn’s busking sensation Gabriel Royal’s debut album, “Gabriel Royal”:


- Influenced by Stevie Wonder’s groove to Burt Bacharach relaxed, jazzy yet poppy sensitivities, including outcast contemporary artists such as John Legend, Hiatus Coyote, Flying Lotus, James Blake, Jangle Monae and Thundercat, Gabriel’s trademark sound is his singing over a cello, the result being a easy listening modern chamber pop.


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